This was a really fun wedding to shoot. I booked them about six months in advance which gave me plenty of time for pre-production and pre-visualization. They booked Wedding Day coverage, Rehearsal Dinner coverage, and a Couples Interview. I road tripped from Austin, TX to Columbus, IN and camped on the way out there to capture an astral time lapse with the Milky Way passing through. This clip ended up being the opener to their Instagram Trailer. 

They booked me to be out there for four days. This way I was able to get some side sessions and time lapses of landmarks in Columbus.

Their actual wedding day was amazing, albeit hot and humid. My day started at around 3:00am so that I could get out to the venue and capture a sunrise time lapse of the spot they would be getting married later that day. That clip ended up being the second clip in the Instagram Trailer. 

I knew that Travis was going to be a man of few words just based on the information I was getting during the pre-production. I said I would like to have them both mic'ed for as long as they would allow me. I just wanted to hedge my bets that if he said anything golden, I wanted to capture it. They let me keep hidden microphones on them for almost the entire day. It was especially awesome to hear both of their reactions during the first look and when Travis says a few things in response during toasts. Normally, I wouldn't have been able to get these small reactions, but because they were so game, I had TONS of great moments.

This was not a destination wedding for the couple but for lot's of people attending, and of course for me. I was able to figure out what kind of couple they were through email, phone call, Skype, text, and following them on social media. I had never met them in person before I was in Indiana for their wedding and Travis still had this to say,

She definitely captured us... she is crazy intuitive and caught on to us quickly.
— Travis

Jillian + Travis Trailer