...Yes Really

This would be a great shot to lead into a first look. Bride slowly starts walking. Cut to the same shot from behind with dress blowing behind her in slow motion. In the distance we see her significant other waiting to see her for the first time before the ceremony. Cut to profile extreme wide angle showing the entire property as the bride walks up. Love it.
— @minimist.films on IG

The photo above was something I found on my Minimist Bride Pinterest account and it launched the idea for two sequences. I knew that when editing a film that has a Couple's Interview where they talk about how they met, I always wish I had more footage that doesn't give away the couple visually and doesn't force me to start showing preps from the wedding day so early in the film. So, I came up with this idea of just showing their feet while they are walking so that I could do a similar thing with the first look the day of the wedding. I was able to use this footage to tease out the end of the Trailer for their Feature Film.


Feet Walking: Interview


Feet Walking: First Look


Jillian + Travis Trailer