The Overview

For Sam and Steven, we wanted to show a story that really showcased who they are, while showing the process of planning the wedding. They are such a funny and lovely couple that capturing all of it was really fun for all of us involved. We added a number of smaller shoots to their package including Sam's first time trying on dresses with her mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law, Steven's custom suit fitting, Sam's bachelorette party, and a Couples Interview. We knew they would be driving from Austin, TX, to Colchester, CT for their wedding, so we sent them off with a bag full of GoPros after giving them a class on how to use them. By doing this, we were able to capture footage from their road trip that we wouldn't have otherwise been able to. 

Once in Connecticut, we had two shooters on site for the Rehearsal Dinner and the Wedding Day.  I personally went out in a field at 4:00 am to capture a sunrise time-lapse the day of their wedding. It is always really exciting to show the couple and the couples family and friends details from the day that they didn't get a chance to see. Even for guests that came to the ceremony and/or reception, they will get a chance to see how the whole day unfolded.

We encouraged Sam and Steven to write letters to each other that they would exchange right before they saw each other for their first look. They wrote incredibly beautiful letters to each other. I couldn't help but tear up behind the camera and again every time I watched it during the editing process.

Sam's dad was the officiant so I wanted to keep a bigger chunk of the ceremony in their Feature Film. He really performed a beautiful ceremony. The day was magical, albeit hot, so we were lucky to get a light evening shower that cooled us all down while everyone danced the night away. The rain was short lived but we spent the rest of the night under a sky full of flashing lightening in the distance. This may have been the most emotional wedding I have ever been lucky enough to be a part of. I am so grateful to have been let into their inner circle to see the whole story unfold from the inside.